Raise PRs That Everyone Will Thank You For


You might think that NASA astronauts spend most of their time trying to break records for the longest spacewalk. Of course, you’d be wrong. The vacuum of space is fraught with dangers, so astronauts spend most of their time going through checklists — lots and lots of them.

Checklists are…

Create Readable Unit Test Cases that PR Reviewers Will Thank You For


Setting up unit test initial conditions can quickly become long, complex, and hard-to-read unless development teams adopt a consistent approach. This article explains why you should consider using builder methods in your unit tests, constructing more understandable business scenarios.

The Problem

Let’s assume we’re writing software for an online sandwich shop, allowing…

Get Inspired to Produce Stylish Artwork

This tutorial will show you how to get inspired to produce simple, stylish, and professional compositions for your abstract paintings.

What You’ll Need

  • Card (ideally A3 or bigger)
  • Cardboard/Stencil
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors / Knife
  • Acrylic paints and pencil (and ideally colored pencils or pastels as well)


Randomly make marks on a piece of…

Never Throw Packaging Away Again

Materials I Used

  • Cass Art Acrylic paints
  • Winsor & Newton 30 cm x 30 cm canvas board
  • Small rolling pin/paintbrush
  • Newspaper
  • Masking tape
  • Bubblewrap
  • Palette knife (optional)
  • Winsor & Newton gloss varnish spray (optional)


Create a Border

  • Place the canvas board on some newspaper.
  • Use a rolling pin to apply a 3–4 cm border of black…

George Marklow

George is a software engineer, author, blogger, and tech enthusiast who believes in helping others to make us happier and healthier.

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